The Langhe, an amazing landscape covered by vineyards which change their colours after the different seasons of the year. Starting at the Ligurian Alps the Langhe arrives in the north at the Monferrato and Roero area. In the course of time they became a famous travelling destination for wine and food lovers. The landscape is made of soft hills with vineyards and small woods, but there are also some of the most beautiful villages of Italy, there are castles and medieval towers, Museum and archaeological sides.

In the heart of this territory you find La Morra, laying on a hillside of 513m over sea level. Thanks of this position you can have a nice view over the Langhe area. Since 2014 La Morra is part of the Unesco world heritage Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe - Roero and Monferrato

Today La Morra is famous in the whole world because of its Barolo production. On the hillsides around grow different precious wines like the Nebbiolo grape. With this grape they produce the Nebbiolo dĀ“Alba and the Barolo wine

The tourism in the whole Langhe and specially at La Morra grew a lot in the last years and changed the life in the village. The tourism became one of the main income for the people. In every small street of the village you can find some small typical shops and wine bars where you can taste the famous wines of La Morra but also local delicacies like the IGP hazelnuts and the white truffle.

Exactly here in La Morra you have the possibility to life a special experience, the truffle hunt with Marco. He will accompany you to the truffle wood and shows you how to find this precious mushroom

We wish you an amazing trip to discover this magic hillsides.